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Rebar Group

Rebar Group

Rebar Group was established in Kurdistan and registered in kurdistan region government It has been described in some parts of the field of plastic and composite doors and plastic sheets (PVC SHEET) and foam (XPS FOAM BOARD).
The Rebar Group companies was founded in 2013 by Rebar Rasool Hamad.
The Rebar Group is famous among customers for its quality and strength in its background, and now the Rebar Group is a prominent and efficient name among the door construction companies with the largest door construction plant throughout Iraq, It is (KDoor) factory.

Leader Group consists of the following sections: -
We try be leader group of our unique works and products and importantly acknowledge the needs of the market of work and the desire and desire of the beneficiary can see that we have the strongest trust and lead in the invention of new products with a high quality and a reasonable price

The Rebar company works in the following sections: -
- Plastic doors are different model in different colors such as (White, White Teak, Teak, Dark Walnut ,White Maple). 
- Indoor " Composite Door " with more than 15 different Models and 7 different colors .
- Plastic sheet " PVC SHEET " to cover surface door. 
- Foam " XPS FOAM BOARD " is used to prevention cold and heat to buildings .
- Spacer " KSPACER " Best Double Glass components.

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