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Xps Foam Board


Welcome to the K-Door XPS Department - Elevating Door Insulation to the Next Level!

At K-Door, we're not just a door manufacturing company; we're your trusted partner in creating doors that redefine comfort and energy efficiency. Our XPS (Extruded Polystyrene) Department is the heart of innovation, where we go the extra mile to ensure your spaces remain cozy, insulated from the harshest elements.

When it comes to insulating against the relentless cold and sweltering heat, our XPS team leads the charge. We don't just stop at walls, ceilings, and floors – we bring the power of XPS to the very core of your doors. This is where form meets function, as we integrate XPS into our doors' interior to provide you with unbeatable insulation.

The K-Door XPS Department is your assurance of a climate-controlled, energy-efficient living or working space. We believe that a door is not just an entrance; it's a safeguard against nature's extremes. Discover how our doors are designed to keep your environment comfortable all year round, saving you energy and money.

For doors that offer superior insulation without compromising on style and security, trust K-Door and explore the exceptional capabilities of our XPS Department. We're here to make your doors more than just barriers – they're your shield against temperature fluctuations and your statement of modern design.


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